Am I being a blowjob scrooge or do I have a case here?
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Am I being a blowjob scrooge or do I have a case here?

I'm a 24 year old straight female (if it matters), and I have always been in relationships that were very sexually fulfilling. I perform oral sex pretty generously, mostly because of how much I enjoy receiving oral pleasure myself and my desire to please the person I'm with. I have always been with guys who are either enthusiastic about going down on me, or newcomers to the game who are eager to learn. I recently started seeing someone who expressed a dislike for the act altogether based on the taste. During our first sexual encounter he half-heartedly started performing oral before confessing this dislike. He says he has tried to get into it, but can't overcome the way it tastes. I would never dole out strictly one blowjob for every performed cunnilingus (i'm sorry there's no euphemism for this act that feels right to me), but if he is taking oral completely off the table, I can't help but feel like I should do the same.  I don't love the taste of penis or balls or semen or pre-cum. Blowjobs are really difficult to perform, too. Am I being a blowjob scrooge or do I have a case here? 

What can she do in this situation? Cease oral altogether? Or retain a one sided relationship? Let her know in the comments!

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