He used misogynistic terms to reduce me to a useless, shameful commodity...all because I rejected him.
sex, sex, sex ... and love
There is a huge public misunderstanding that people who are kinky "enjoy being abused."
your tango
Naturally, because I have the ability to HEAR, I wanted to cancel, but my commitment to keeping my word stopped me.
body hair
"How do you bring up pubic trimming/shaving to a woman?" a guy I know asked me via Facebook message.
coming out
When I complimented her new hair color, there was mutual lingering eye contact. GAY LINGERING EYE CONTACT.
the frisky
I have created a comprehensive list for ladies with responses to these typical arguments posed by men who believe street harassment is a “crazy” feminist idea that really does not need to be addressed.
lesbian sex
I watched weird YouTube videos about cunnilingus, read online tutorials, and still felt like I didn’t know what the hell to do when I was actually all up in my girlfriend’s vagina.
ask a sex therapist
Realizing that poor self esteem is ruining your sex life can be a powerful motivator.
twitter blind date
Twitter Blind Date is a feature in which we send two singles out and make them live-tweet their impressions of each other.
The only demographic that hasn't offered me dating advice is the men I've gone out with over the last few years, so I decided to ask them for it in exchange for anonymity and no hard feelings.
As wonderful as marriage can be, the fact remains that it’s an institution loaded with pressure.
My past relationships have consisted of intense blow-out fights followed by even more intense make-up sex, an uncontrollable roller coaster that I thought was normal, and even fun.
Seriously, we're not looking to ensnare you like some kind of a wounded animal in skinny jeans and a fedora.
Porn bought me a couple of extra hours of sleep and probably saved my marriage.
cannabis lube
I decided to get my snatch weeded, and place the burden of information on you.
Surprisingly, having sex with a plastic bag feels a lot like having sex with a plastic bag, my lab partner reported.
Somehow I had convinced myself that once we were married, it would all work itself out. Spoiler alert: It did not.
open relationships
As much as I have wanted to be in an open relationship for many years, now that I’m in one, I find I’m not really sure what to do.
As a teenager, I had this habit of being really mean to people I liked and then smirking about it to myself. I thought this was a super-cute and extremely sophisticated flirting technique.
ask a sex therapist
Here, seven manageable steps you can take to help preserve some semblance of your sexuality while trying to manage your depression.
I didn't even know how to respond, so I blocked him. Now I wish I hadn't because I have SO MUCH to say.
My number has zero bearing on who I am as person, nor does it suggest anything about my morals.