YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: I Miss My Best Friend, Garlic.

I miss my friend so much.
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I miss my friend so much.

I love garlic. I consume it every day. Not only for the health benefits, but because I genuinely love it. Food tastes bland without it.

However, since I have started my new job at an office, I have been forced to break-up with garlic. My co-workers hate garlic and confronted me -- I smell of it. I smell of a massive bulb of garlic. Garlic seeps through my pores. The smell corrodes anyone in my path. Garlic is my human repellant, which is another reason I love it so. However, I had no idea that I smelled so bad. At all. I was mortified. So now, out of consideration for my co-workers, I have completely stopped eating garlic. My soup last night had no taste. I miss my friend so much. My boyfriend says I should still eat garlic in the weekend, but I am so terrified of smelling like garlic since I have never been aware of the odor it gives me. I am immune to the scent. What should I do? Should I eat garlic in the weekend? Is there anything can do to not smell of said garlic? How many times have I said garlic in this letter? Garlic. 

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