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Naturally, because I have the ability to HEAR, I wanted to cancel, but my commitment to keeping my word stopped me.
There are two ways of fumbling flattery: the compliment relies on an insult to others, or the compliment includes a dig at the person receiving it (example: "you look great for your age!").

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disability rights
"Then I was sedated and when I woke up, she was gone. She was taken away from me."
Yes, they are cheesy and trashy, but my friend Sarah and I are crazy for Lifetime movies. Here are five of our current top favorites. What's the best one you've seen?
sexual assault
Get ready for your daily dose of Awful, Terrifying, Sad, Shocking, Discouraging, and All-Around Vile news.
Although I have it on good authority that pies do not solve everything, I for one have a very seriously challenging time believing it.

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The United States has a very complex and tormented relationship with guns, and a debate format is just really not the best place to be exploring gun policy, gun violence and gun ownership. So I braced myself for a wild ride, and I got one.
All year long I look forward to October because it is the one month where I get to wet-blanket all over everyone’s good time with my annoying cultural analysis.
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Massive insurance companies can afford to keep throwing attorneys at cases like this, waiting for families to run out of energy and funds, and that’s what Progressive was hoping would happen here.