anthony frederico
What if we all lost our jobs for innocent mistakes we made after a long and stressful day at work?
Tucker and I are not great friends, by any means, but he has been one of the few people in my life who not only supports and understands my desire to be a published writer, but actually encourages me to make it happen.
Fanfiction is delicate territory. At best, people ask why I’m not spending time on my own stories. At worst, they think I’m the sort of mouth-breathing nerd mocked on late night talk shows and "The Big Bang Theory."
All my closest friends (save one) are unemployed, some recently and others going on years without a job.
I pretended it didn’t bother me that he was traveling around the country on a national book tour while I sat home, proofing press releases and posting his TV and radio links on Facebook.
OMG, you guys, I am going to write on a train!
So what now? I guess I’m supposed to be filled with regret over my barren womb and spinster future?
writing the other
Earlier this month I had the honor to teach at a week-long Writing the Other workshop and retreat. It was great.
The MacBook is dead; long live the MacBook.

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say something nice on the internet day
My love affair with the Internet and its people.
If I started actually dating this guy, would I appear in his columns? Would he be using me as an experiment for his dating theories? But me being me, I was also very intrigued. And so it began.
Every time I let myself hope that something will go right in my life, the exact opposite happens. Don't worry, it's not as dire as it sounds.
gossip girl
If someone is purposely looking for attention I'm not going to feel guilty about giving it to them.
My favorite chick lit author was "Saved by Cake" and has this sweet (harhar) cookbook to show for it.
In her new book, writer Kate Durbin uses transcribed reality-TV dialogue as fodder for a surprisingly sympathetic look at a medium that everyone loves to hate.