We’re getting more than a little tired of having us and our issues ignored unless they happen to dovetail with what you find important.
What if the resources available to My Brother's Keeper were instead used to eliminate male domination so young women and men could build strong alliances and fight racism together?
women of color
Run, don’t walk to this destination. Well, type your way there -- you know what I mean.
women of color
the frisky
Not because I’m ashamed and not because I’m trying to prove a point, but because I refuse to become part of a society that further scrutinizes a race, and assigns arbitrary labels to the people of that race.
women of color
I’ve assembled a list of tried-and-true favorites for brown-skinned girls who have considered wearing makeup when the beauty industry told them they weren’t enough.
Limbaugh attacked a white woman. A law student. And that has a lot to do with why this incident is making people angry, when Limbaugh’s racism hasn’t sparked nearly the same level of outrage in the past.