women in the workplace
"You know that thing you say you're experiencing? I don't see your experiences that way."
women in the workplace
Initially, I was ecstatic; an extremely influential editor liked me!
Why aren't we arguing for disrupting the paradigm itself, rather than the behavior of individuals?
women in the workplace
They’d all been looking at my butt. They’d been talking about my butt. They’d been talking about ways to make my butt look better.
women in the workplace
As a black woman in this world, especially when dealing with the professional world, sometimes you just have to pull out your bag of tricks.
Telling me that being attractive is hard is like when rich people tell me having a lot of money is hard.
women in the workplace
On a night out, talk to me about your weekend, your last shag, your job by all accounts -- but please don't tell me how much you earn.
capitalism is not your friend
Mayer thinks maternity leave is for chumps, wants to abolish working from home, and seems to have a vision of “equality” that involves women being just like men -- even though they live in a society where this isn’t feasible.
As usual, women are the glue silently keeping everything together, and, as usual, they get zero credit for it.
trans issues
One day I was called to a meeting with my manager and the company's human resources director. They were very concerned; rumors had been going around that I was transsexual (which was true, though I had not said so to anyone I worked with).
trans issues
There are reasons many transgender people live in stealth and choose not to undergo transition at work, and cases like this highlight one facet of the dangers facing members of the trans community.
women in the workplace
Men are never asked if they’re choosing “briefcase over baby,” and no one ever asks why it is that men work so hard to achieve high ranks in their workplaces.
work clothes
Standard office clothing, especially for women, is f#$*ing expensive. And putting it together is time consuming.
One in five discrimination complaints filed by cis women are pregnancy-related, and they usually involve retaliatory firing.
If you want my investment capital, show me something other than white dudes.
This week, Marissa Mayer was named Yahoo's new CEO. Did I mention she's not just pretty -- she's pregnant, too? Cue Internet explosion.
farm workers
“...the EEOC reports that women in California refer to the fields as 'fil de calzon' or 'the fields of panties' because sexual harassment is so widespread.”
She’s determined to make sure that people know what they’re buying with a Hyatt reservation, and to point people at the kinds of improvements needed to make working conditions safe for hotel workers.
fair pay
There’s this sort of culture built up around Not Talking About Money for women, and I’d argue that culture is incredibly persistent and also incredibly damaging.