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After our wedding, when my husband and I finally got around to opening our gifts and noting who gave what for our thank you cards, we became concerned that a bunch of our wedding gifts might have been stolen.
friends don't tell friends they're too fat
I am going to take a controversial stance here: Friends are actually supportive of one another, not name-calling, terrible people.
I’m not going to say how much my wedding cost because that’s not classy or whatever, but I will say this: It was half what ever your wedding cost, and this is how I did it.
When this story is repeated, the listener always exhibits complete disbelief.
When discussing marriage and/or weddings, something I’ve heard from people who are having a smaller or no wedding has been, “Oh, we just care about getting married and being in love.”

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how not to be a dick
Unsurprisingly, I experience a lot of dickishness at the hands of mostly well-meaning straight people. And so, I’m here to tell the rest of you mostly well-meaning straight people how not to be a dick to your lesbian friend.
I’m trying to accept my fate: While I love participating in and attending my best friends’ weddings, I just can’t afford it.
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brutal honesty
I have so little patience these days with people who declare themselves to be “brutally honest” in the same world-weary, jaded way as someone gritting out, “I’ve been a political reporter in Syria for the last decade or so.”
Hurry up and get hitched! It's not too late to be a June bride.
beauty shop quartet
I'm the type of aggro-romantic predator that has a history of sending boys flowers to get places with them. Mike had the NERVE to actually marry me, so could the Spring Valley Chorus have been THAT much of a Valentine's surprise?
My best friend's getting married this weekend, which means this post is all about ME!
This wedding season, skip the beaded strapless number and go for something you would wear in real life.
We finally found someone who was willing to act as a registrar just four days before the big day. He was amazing, and even provided fake wedding certificates for us to sign.

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jewish beauty
Also, can we talk about my second Bat Mitzvah?

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Single people, but especially women, are expected to be in a constant state of partner-search, with all other forms of personal fulfillment considered second best to finding a lifelong mate.
Of course all brides are out of control, ready to spin off into the stratosphere at the slightest provocation, and you might need to take them down with a few ketamine darts if things get hairy.