Today I want to talk to you about a product that I can’t take my eyes off of and that just so happens to work really well.
beauty products
After much research, I would like to present the Holy Grail of Waterproof Beauty, formulas of beauty that will stay on in a pool, while dancing like a fool and generally through living life on our increasingly hotter planet.
Feel free to make a punn-y insult, referencing the shallow end of a pool. Also: How to get that waterproof product OFF.
rainy days
Here’s some of the silly/stupid/crazy stuff I do to keep my stuff looking new for as long as possible.
cat's summer of sexy
Wildly chic summer makeup isn't hard to pull off, but then again, neither is your bikini top. Keep it classy this summer with these beauty tricks.
Read on for the essential products, tip and tricks you need to look amazing even in blazing heat! With some weirdo all up in your face staring at your pores! I mean, that's a worst case scenario, but still.