Am I crazy? Repressed? Am I brainwashed with legalistic doctrine that I was force fed my whole life? Actually, no.
chris brown
you are the advice columnist
ihtm raw
You may be thinking, "So what? You married a virgin?" That’s not what I mean. My husband was a virgin when we got married almost a year ago and still is.
He waited until he was putting on a condom to inform me that he’d “never done this before.”
Somehow I had convinced myself that once we were married, it would all work itself out. Spoiler alert: It did not.
You’ve got a better chance of figuring out if someone’s had sex or not by looking at their knees.
I had been mocked, rejected, disbelieved, and fetishized because of this stupid imaginary thing, but this time, instead of trying to hide this albatross around my neck, I was going to whip it out and deal with the consequences.
Frankly, I wanted to see what the big deal was about sex. I didn’t want to go into my 27th year with the stigma of being a sexually inexperienced woman.
how not to be a dick
I should just “get it over with?” Sorry, but I’m not going to find some random guy to have sex with so you can feel more comfortable about my (non)sex life.
Feminists have worked tirelessly to make it okay for young women to embrace their sexuality; 22 seems a little late in the game. My few virgin friends and I are the weirdoes.
Four years without intimate contact is complicated. You have moments where you start to feel as if no one will ever touch you again.
Why is having a penis inside of my vagina such a landmark event, but having my first orgasm doesn’t even rank?
Reflecting back on our friendship, I have since come to understand I didn’t just want to be like Mary, I wanted to be Mary.
bill hicks
The second time, you were a little more confident, a little more adventurous, and a lot more capable of processing your surroundings and committing them to memory.
By the time I met my husband, I was one bad experience away from committing to a convent. Therefore, his admission that he was waiting until marriage to have sex was odd, but refreshing for me.
Not only was I a virgin, but was a virgin who had never given or received oral sex, never been fingered, and never had my boobs touched under my shirt.

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