It is not until you find your vulva’s second-favorite buddy in a shared space, where you blatantly DID NOT LEAVE IT that you realize life hasn’t prepared you for such a moment.
james deen
I just want my porn to feature women who are confident, self-aware, and get off. I realize this is a lot to ask.
The fancy Japanese sex toys that started this whole (hole?) thing sound pretty awesome. I'm not gonna lie: I'd put my dick in them.
bad extended metaphors
I ask not out of prurient curiosity but as someone who is looking at the options and feeling slightly overwhelmed.
As a sex therapist, my two main vibrator concerns are getting a toy that is physically unsafe and becoming reliant on a vibrator to reach orgasm.
It's like shooting yourself in the vagina with a ray-gun. In a good way.
It was just one of those things that I knew I'd regret not doing on my deathbed. (Now, if I live to reach grandma status, my grandkids will know I used to explain to people the pros and cons of all the different types of dildos!)
sex toys
Really I don’t know what’s more embarrassing -- giving my vibrator to the laundry man, or the fact that it only took me four minutes to realize it was gone.
The Internet is abuzz with reports of the first intelligent sex toy.
You can tell a lot about a woman from her drawer, which is why I've spent years crafting mine into its current, perfectly curated state.
sex toys
Now that I have a vibrator that can be hooked up to my computer, the stage is fully set for a robot takeover.
good vibrations
sex toys
And have you ever scared a guy in bed, with or without a vibrator?
club vibe
I can't exactly try out vibrators in the office like I can lip tattoos and booty Spanx. Or ... can I?