The commercial – called "Manly Mistake" – is attempting to make fun of the man for being embarrassed he used a feminine hygiene product.
coconut everything
All you need is two ingredients, a clean glass jar, and access to a refrigerator. If you don't have access to a refrigerator we probably have larger issues to tackle than how to concoct coconut yogurt.
vagina wellness
Every time I get sick or even feel the INKLING that I might get sick (the sniffling, the itchy throat) My Vagina FREAKS. THE. FUCK. OUT.
Or, how to attempt to deal with a wack gynecologist and love your totally normal vagina no matter what the mean doctor lady says.
Beauty products for vaginas catch a lot of heat for being sexist, but I'm not here to weigh in on why there's a market for lightening and tightening down under. I'm interested in whether or not these products are safe.