andrew w.k.
Heavy metal rocker and motivational speaker (and my musical hero) Andrew W.K. talks about why he kicked himself in the face in pursuit of partying, why he chooses to perceive time as nonlinear, and gushes about how every day he spends with his wife is amazing. Awwww.
Sportscastress (a term we invented just for her) extraordinaire Erin Andrews on cake from supermarkets, trying to squeeze the last everlovin' bit out of a lip-gloss tube, her grade school trouble with the law, and "the year of the Ryans."
I interviewed two Radio City Rockettes named (very conveniently) Angela and Mary. And what we got was the shortest Five Questions answers ever, from two truly sweet dancers.
jane radio
The "Roseanne" creator, staunch feminist and macadamia nut farmer tweets nude, tells an amazing Ted Bundy-Debbie Harry story and wants to make out with Cher.
fran drescher
Fran Drescher is the only celebrity who hasn't said "pass" on a single question in this old JANE magazine series. She's awesome.