Imagine being asked to complete a survey in which you were asked to rate 13 characteristics commonly associated with masculinity. In a pair of studies, research teams recently did just that.
It’s one thing if your son is struggling because of lack of knowledge or skill, it’s another when he’s just not motivated to do it.
Winifred Reilly sees couples giving these issues too much air time … and thinks we’d all be happier if we’d quit letting them dictate our behavior.
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Kristie Christie tells the story of the time she and her now husband, David, broke up with their sexters and flirt-texters in the name of creating space for real life intimacy.
the good men project
Giving up wine and chocolate may sound hard, but if you really want to be reborn, you’re going to have to give up some emotional bad habits.
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After analyzing top-grossing romantic comedies from the first kiss to dramatic denouement, psychologists at Heriott-Watt University concluded that they can wreak havoc on real-life romances. The reason: their misleading relationship rules and ideals.
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I realized that there is an equally important goal in being a feminist … the support of our boys, not only to see strong women, but also to be emotionally strong men.
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The title of “Great Lover” is one you earn, not one you claim for yourself. And it can take work. Very fun work.
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I have been married for going on fifteen years. I haven’t been on a date since the 1990s. And, yet, now that I’m a dad, I am now repeating the awkward behaviors that plagued my dating life, but this time, it’s with the moms and dads of kids my daughter likes.
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The only hardships of growing up with a gay dad came from society, not from my wonderfully queer home.
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Joanna Schroeder admits that she thinks coolness matters…and she wonders if that makes her a jerk or a good parent.
domestic violence
Real love between two healthy people respects boundaries, shares the burden of blame when things go wrong, and works to find a way to work things out without verbal abuse or rage.
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If you don't want spoilers, don't go on Twitter until you're caught up.
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It felt sort of ick that the Beastie Boys seemed to be trying to stop the re-appropriation of their song to such a great cause. But there's a reason for it.
Of lads that wore their honours out: Chelsea Cristene explores the link between jock entitlement and rape culture.
Joanna Schroeder explains the horrible and inevitable outcome of using Native images and names as mainstream team mascots, as displayed by an Alabama high school last weekend.
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I no longer feel bemused or casually supportive of my mom’s Zumba expertise; the only word I can come up with now is proud. She is the Zumba Queen, we are her royal subjects, and there’s nothing funny or adorable about it.
21 NFL teams carried at least one player with domestic violence or assault charges on their rosters during the 2012 season.
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You wouldn’t expect an eating disorder to bond a hurting family, but Julia Newman’s family has learned how to thrive because of the work they’ve all done.
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It may not be a problem. It may not even be real. But it's still illegal.
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“Men have urges and it is our job as women to meet those urges.” There are so many things wrong with that statement, but there is one point that stands out for me. I was not a woman. I was a child.

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For Grace, pot is about more than just chilling out and getting high. It represents the destruction of her family.