spice girls
I figure it’s about time I come clean about something to you guys -- I’m actually kind of weird.
90s television
We’ve designed a foolproof way to determine who your date really is, using just one simple question: “What is your favorite ’90s kid’s show?”
As much as I love technology and the convenience and connectedness that go along with it, I get weary of looking at screens.
my so-called life
I can’t get through a single episode without crying, welling up from the opening credits though each scene, emotions coming in waves off a collectively unconscious teenage ocean.
They are REALLY not making love songs the way they used to.
kate winslet
"Titanic" is as much about 1997 as 1912 as a touchstone of the hubris and optimism of an age; forgive me for saying so, but I believe it is much more difficult to make an earnest, naïve love story like this today.
At 15, I'd only touched the tip of the heartbreak iceberg. But if I could blast Liz Phair in my bedroom -- and learn how to swear with her emphatic nonchalance -- I might be OK.
My husband wrote a couple of screenplays for pornos I've never actually watched, until now. Will The "Devil In Miss Jones 5: Inferno" impact my marriage (or Twitter standing)?
Who says everything old should be new again?

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This shirt always makes me feel heavy metal. Well, not really, just in the song-way.