If my patrons, the poor kids in a slightly wealthy town, need us for after-school snacks, computer access, and a sense of community, then the teen patrons of poorer communities struggling to keep their libraries open definitely do.
In 2003, 63% of sexually active teens were busting out the love glove for sexytimes. Last year, only 59% did.
Inspired by the embarrassing diaries many of us maintained throughout our youth.
The metal-loving author of a new book explains how the media -- and many parents -- have gotten it wrong when it comes to 'dark' teen dabblings like gaming, Slayer, and Satanism.
Civics is a required class to graduate in many high schools, and yet we don’t allow students who are being educated in American government issues to undertake that most basic rite of passage, that of casting a ballot.
She’s not the only young woman speaking out about birth control, body image, and a host of other issues that affect teens, and yet she’s constantly hearing the message that there are no young feminists, and no politically engaged youth.
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BONUS: I ask a bunch of 18-year-olds about their sex lives, feel like a total creeper in the process!
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More than 15% of the adolescent population struggles with cutting. xoJane asked a teenager to share her thoughts on the #cuttingforbieber hoax perpetuated by 4Chan that led to some instances of actual self-harm by children.
Neither a deodorant nor a perfume, body spray occupies a pre-teen hinterland of strange new bodily functions and half-understood urges.

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The “Afro comb” is an explicitly racialized object, which gave the media license to make the not-so-subtle claim that this violence was indicative of “black” youth culture.
I’m a Jeanie, I intuit other Jeanies and we are Annie-magnets. We long for the innocence of the Madges and the brass ovaries of the Deirdres.
Girl-centric summer camp classic "Little Darlings" was a movie I held religiously close to my heart as a preteen, but how would it look to an almost 39-year-old?
Victoria's Secret's MLB line doesn't hit it out of the park.

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