mental illness
There has been plenty of rhetoric about suicide being a “choice,” the implication being that it’s the wrong choice.
mental health
It’s no more selfish or cowardly to suffer from depression—to be killed by depression—than to die from lupus.
I wouldn’t trade that period in my life for anything, though. It was the worst time ever but I’m stronger having gone through it. The day I stopped believing was 12 days before I tried to kill myself.
robin williams
Throughout the years, I’ve allowed my humor and my depression to work together in different ways.
marc maron
mental illness
I opened the door to the garage. My son and I both saw him hanging there.
At 20, I decided that if the world wasn’t going to do me the favor of killing me off young, I’d do it myself. But now what?
Movies show suicide as a romantic drift into nothingness. None of that is real.
mental illness
In the wake of Elliot Rodger, legislation is being proposed in California that would make it easier to prevent mentally ill individuals from buying guns. I think this is probably a good idea.
I am tired of the stigma surrounding black women and mental health.

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A few months after my sister's suicide, I was planning to return home to NYC when my boyfriend called to tell me he was “sorry, but he couldn’t deal with my grief anymore.”
multiple sclerosis
Julian mentioned experiencing suicidal ideation in previous years, but had assured me that this was a thing of the past.
mental illness
I said yes, I can let you go. But I asked her for three conditions.
mental health
(Trigger warning for suicide and depression talk, y'all.) When I was 9 years old, I had this plan.
mental health
When we don’t pause to consider how traumatic experiences like suicide might trigger people on our timeline, we’re not only reactive we’re reckless.
family drama
I was 11 days away from my seventh birthday and taking a bath when my father shot himself in our living room.
Friends and fans of Lee Thompson Young and Gia Allemand are reeling from the shock of their suicides, asking, "Why?" But we have an inkling of why: because mental illness is indiscriminate, and it's not being treated effectively.
gun control
When we're talking about gun safety, we have to talk about suicide.
We need to be talking about the uses and abuses of pain management medication, but in a context that admits that chronic pain is a serious medical issue, and that our current pain management methods are woefully inadequate.
I didn’t know what had happened to me. I didn’t know what I was. I couldn’t control my emotions, or my brain. I was petrified.
Tell Siri you want to kill yourself, mention specific methods of suicide, or ask about suicide assistance, and Siri will bring up the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.