Is the moral here REALLY that if you're going to make fun of someone's outfit, you should first confirm that they're not in the middle of cancer treatment and wearing a tutu to raise funds for charity?

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juice cleanses
I'm annoyed by how annoyed everyone is by juice cleansing.
Everything. Everything is wrong with it. Please, somebody post kitten pictures in comments? PLEASE. I AM BEGGING YOU.
michelle shocked
I published my first-ever piece with xoJane Wednesday, March 20 –- it details my own uncomfortable interactions with Michelle in 2011, in the course of trying to conduct an interview. And on Friday morning, Jane Pratt published a new piece that read to me (and some commenters) as an attempt to defend Shocked.
Snark discredits people and ideas by refusing to engage with them. Instead, we talk around our targets, mock until it’s safe again.
The more days I X off my metaphysical calendar, the more I realize that short of hurting people, I just really do not care one bit what anybody else does

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