I'm known to carry on full-on conversation while I blissfully rest, andI find the second-hand accounts of these talks to be endlessly delightful.
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For several months, my husband and I have been trying to sleep train our 9-month-old baby so he sleeps the entire night, but all our efforts have backfired.

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My brain is always racing. This is the one secret that has worked for me consistently to fall asleep over the years.

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Oh, I'm just buying econ-o-size multi-packs of mysterious herbal energy supplements off of eBay and having one-sided text conversations composed entirely of consonants and punctuation.
what the parenting books don't tell you
It’s as if my body has some sort of ancestral knowledge of babies being stolen from the cave by wild animals during the night.
It's called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Reponse, and it can give you tingling in the limbs, a feeling of warmth or what is known as a "braingasm."

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Skincare that promises to make my skin look alert and rejuvenated, available at the drugstore? TOO DOWN.

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Sometimes, even now, when I'm alone in a hotel room, I play infomercials at a very low volume because the banality of it is soothing. (This is how I know far too much about the the Post-i-vac vacuum penis pump system.)
what the parenting books don't tell you
I'm not sure I even remembered to brush my hair on Monday, but I still managed to trick at least two people into thinking I have it all together. YOU CAN, TOO.
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I tried those whispering videos. No dice; it's still Insomnia City over here.
I don't have any evidence to back it up but I think it gives me better sleep.
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Chronic lack of sleep is linked to a whole bag of problems.
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Turns out my general sleep schedule, which mostly involves trying to catch up on the weekends, is not nearly as effective as I'd hoped.
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These study findings are really just confirming the obvious, but they’re also highlighting a growing social problem; a lot of adults are using electronic devices because they need to, and their ill health is the tradeoff they must make in order to stay employed and stay competitive with people in their field.
Also I've looked into buying a bird feeder. I'm just saying.

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Children rely on ritual and stability, and it's a huge comfort to them to repeat the same actions every night before bed.
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There's sleep -- and then there's SLEEP.