I look for pieces I can throw on quickly to look very put-together, even if I’m really very thrown-together.
denim skirts
summer clothes
what you taught us about style this week
midi skirts
It's one of my favorite looks from the spring runways (too bad I live in South Africa and it's about to be fall).
your outfits of the week
It's been a disgusting week but Marci is all "Whatever, winter!"
I dislike a clothing portmanteau as much as the next gal but what else could you call a skirt + leggings besides skeggings?
Did you guys know I've gained a little weight lately? No? Well, everyone on 5th avenue does.
Summer, the logic goes, is over thus and therefore so is the incident of "easy access" rape in Brooklyn and perhaps Washington (or any other city featuring women).

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ask laia
"Do you have any suggestions on what the breeders out there can wear that won't make them look like, well, moms?"
ask laia
Margot was looking for the perfect blazer. Is it possible she had it all along?

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I will bake my butt in a pleather skirt this summer.