Where would we be without the clever inventors of the world? I'll tell you: suffering from singed ears, smudged nail polish, and farts. THE HORROR!
They were all at a fragrance-launch party I went to this week where everyone had great teeth and I was left Catherine Zeta-Jonesing for a trip to Bermuda. (I'd probably get kicked off the islands for that pun, though.)
There are no dirty pearl-necklace jokes in this article. Sorry, Mom.
You can't get any more earthy than a caterpillar's bachelor pad or a snail's glistening body glow.
Don't wait -- or you'll be sorry.
Don't even bother looking at any other tights ever again.
Why not be the pop of pink, blue or orange in the sea of black and grey parkas this winter?
denim shirts
I wear denim shirts all year long, but the awkward-weather month of September is when I find myself wearing them most.
I’ve battled dry scalp for years and only recently figured out a way to nix the flakes for good.

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I have many fond memories of testing out pastel-colored cream eyeshadow and ungodly amounts of body spray.
eye makeup
I've accidentally poked myself in the eye enough times that I finally figured out what works (and what doesn't).
There is voltage in this work. That’s what really turned me on to YA fiction.
Plus, a crash course on dew point and how to use it to stop a bad hair day before it starts.
The X Collection was inspired by the idea of feeling like a superhero; when you put on a gorgeous gown that flaunts your figure, your confidence skyrockets, you hold your head up higher. You feel invincible, like you could take on anything in the world.
Genetics blessed me with paltry little half-brows, but there are temporary and semi-permanent options that make them magically fill in.
There is a hat for everyone.

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