When I was picking out furniture, my parents insisted that I bring my boyfriend with me to tell me which ones to pick. When I told them I wanted to buy a TV, they insisted that he pick one out for me.
Ever since the Ketchup Joke incident, I have been challenging my boys (and their sister) with honest conversations about gender and stereotypes.
In a recent poll, 59 percent of people asked said they believe women are, generally, better writers. (We like those people.)
I don't want to play Sexual Harassment: The Game. I'm already playing it in real life.
Time and time again, straight dudes let me down.

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For some transmasculine people, who may have years or decades of experience being treated as women, there is a nuance to our interactions with women that runs a little deeper.

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Without fail, if the male store clerks see me wandering the aisles without my husband in tow, they’ll follow me around as if they’re worried I might be a shoplifter.
job interviews
The husband gets asked normal questions about work and stuff, while the wife gets grilled about whether she can “handle” high school boys and if she’s hoping to get knocked up herself.
leaning in
I think that a lot of efforts to “empower” women (or whatever group) would be much more impactful if they were turned around on men. Like, I don’t need to be empowered. I need men to stop disempowering me.

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ray rice
In addition to the whole “One of our teams is named for a racial slur” thing, the NFL has a culture of sexism bordering on misogyny.

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bechdel test
Instead of using the Bechdel Test as a catch-all critical condemnation, we can use it as a jumping-off point for larger conversations about the role women play in popular films. When films fail, why do they fail?
There has been a post circulating entitled “An Open Letter to Mormon Feminists” in which the author pleads with her fellow Mormon women to not leave the Church in anger.
Number One: Don’t act like the world is your living room, and call out men who do.

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A boy said, "No girls allowed. Boys game only.” She looked back at me, smirked and stayed in line.
I didn’t expect that sexism would be such a prevalent issue in nerd culture. It surprised me that this blatant, unfair exclusion was being practiced in a culture that was pioneered for and by outcasts.
Students reported being told to wear skirts longer than the dress code actually required, with a side of being reminded that they were "gonna get raped" in the clothes they'd chosen.
Attacks on women in the geek world happen daily and are all-pervasive.
Stuff gets WEIRD in some of these T-shirt shops.

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hurricane sandy
Our culture’s tendency to think of women as weak and inconsequential actually has a measurable death toll.
Making jokes at the expense of others is something I’m very ashamed of.
The first sentence? "Sports is not the first place that you imagine seeing girls unless they are cheering on the sidelines."