bechdel test
Instead of using the Bechdel Test as a catch-all critical condemnation, we can use it as a jumping-off point for larger conversations about the role women play in popular films. When films fail, why do they fail?
There has been a post circulating entitled “An Open Letter to Mormon Feminists” in which the author pleads with her fellow Mormon women to not leave the Church in anger.
Number One: Don’t act like the world is your living room, and call out men who do.

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A boy said, "No girls allowed. Boys game only.” She looked back at me, smirked and stayed in line.
I didn’t expect that sexism would be such a prevalent issue in nerd culture. It surprised me that this blatant, unfair exclusion was being practiced in a culture that was pioneered for and by outcasts.
Students reported being told to wear skirts longer than the dress code actually required, with a side of being reminded that they were "gonna get raped" in the clothes they'd chosen.
Attacks on women in the geek world happen daily and are all-pervasive.
Stuff gets WEIRD in some of these T-shirt shops.

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hurricane sandy
Our culture’s tendency to think of women as weak and inconsequential actually has a measurable death toll.
Making jokes at the expense of others is something I’m very ashamed of.
The first sentence? "Sports is not the first place that you imagine seeing girls unless they are cheering on the sidelines."
elliot rodger
If I point out that 40 percent of mass shootings begin with incidents of domestic violence -- will it matter?
comic books
If you’re not threatened with rape, you’re told you’re not qualified, you’re not good enough, you’re not welcome here.
A judge who thinks this way is not someone I would want presiding over any case involving sexism, violence against women, or rape.
"I thought, wouldn’t it be fascinating to have a girl whose sex is so devalued she has to be declared male to live? What would her story be to self-discovery and acceptance?"
Despite the amount of women now gracing the ranks of our proud military divisions, it is still, most certainly, a man’s world.

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women in the workplace
In which I discuss my hatred of parties and men who refuse to make eye contact with me.

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Sometimes men in my life completely invalidate my opinion without even noticing.

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video games
C’mon everyone, one woman likes this game and can see beyond the problematic representation of these characters. Why can’t we ignore those aspects and enjoy the complexities the game has to offer?

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