I’ve never had a wedding myself, but my understanding is that most of the attention is supposed to be on the bride and groom and not on the imploding personal lives of any of the guests.
long distance relationships
We decided to give it a go. Long distance be damned, we could do this. Didn’t love conquer all?
happy endings
I dimmed my screen and Googled “female happy ending massage, NYC.” To my surprise, a bunch of results came up, and the number one result was “The Doctor,” AKA Doctor M.
sex sex sex and love
He pushed inside me and faster than I could register, he leapt off of me and was screaming horrible piglet-y bleats.
sex sex sex and love
I’ve never been good at guessing the end of books and movies. I guess I’m just not the kind of person who sees things coming.
sex sex sex and love
For the first time in my life, I am having to function as an adult on my own, and I can't say I like it.