online dating
Online dating has made me feel more alone and rejected than ever.
ask a sex therapist
Realizing that poor self esteem is ruining your sex life can be a powerful motivator.
Oh, were you feeling good about yourself for a minute there? The world can fix that for you.
Sadly, all my loud, rah-rah feminist beliefs about how we have every right to feel awesome about ourselves sort of ... mainly applies to other women.
fat talk
Ahhh, fat talk. It is, at best, the murderer of intelligent, relevant conversation, and at worst, completely self-destructive.

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Most people learn trust as a child from the people raising them, but I learned to go on roller coasters on my own.
hair cuts
And why do we feel the need to change our hair when we eat severe emotional dirt?
self esteem
Apparently, high self-esteem can serve as a sort of protective shield against crappy emotions and life experiences. The problem is that most of us know nothing about how to foster it.
Every once in a while, I'll read some article about how keeping a journal is good for managing stress, and I'll feel tempted to start up a diary again. Then I get over it.
I'm finding out that I have value as a person and not just as a picture outside a theater.
The person taking the selfie is often a girl. And you know what? I like it when girls feel good about the way they look.
clutch magazine
To everyone else constantly sprouting thoughtless, meaningless “love your body, love yourself” jargon without nuance, f*** off.
weight loss
There was something so insidious, so darkly threatening about those words: “the biggest."
If a dude wants to tell me my vagina is repulsive, that's awesome, but he should be warned, I have sharp teeth, lock-jaw and passion for angry blow-jobs.
Pretty much anytime someone I know lands a new book deal, after my initial feelings of being incredibly happy for them have abated, I think, “LESLEY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU LESLEY WHY HAVEN’T YOU SOLD A SECOND BOOK YET LESLEY.” This is Erfolgtraurigkeit.
body image
I wish that I was raised to celebrate, love, cherish and appreciate my body for all of the wonderful things that it does and is, but I wasn't.
When Andrew came home, I had my life back, but it was a poisoned, distorted version of the happy life I’d thought we had.
"Fat” was the third or fourth word I learned in Chinese, somewhere after “hello,” “thank you” and “I don’t understand.”
gamble pants
Some days, when I wake up, I just feel like playing it fast and loose with my self-esteem. On days like this, I pull out what I like to call my “Gamble Pants.”

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