domestic abuse
What D.L. Hughley did on his radio show went past misogyny and into psychological abuse.
I'm so much more into Hannah Horvath than Olivia Pope, and this is why.
As we approach the third season’s midpoint, I am quickly falling out of love with Olivia. In fact I’ve started calling her Olivia Nope.
unpopular opinion
The star of the runaway hit show Scandal is brilliant, dynamic, sleek, chic and discreet - but I don’t look up to her. You shouldn’t, either.
In our world, the only right way for a woman to deal with uncomfortable, lewd behavior is to “shut up and ignore it.”
olivia pope
“How can you justify watching a show about a glorified mistress? You’re supposed to be a feminist. How can you support a show about one woman destroying another woman’s home?” I was asked.
On the average day, you would find me scouring Lexis-Nexis databases of old newspaper articles, searching for a candidate’s name in combination with keywords such as “supremacist,” “rape,” “drunk,” or “insider trading.”
What happens to "bad teachers?" After the New York Post made my sex work past front-page news, I spent 30 weeks finding out.