So let us harken back to Sassy's days of yore and marvel over the fact that their fashion spreads were killing it.
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When a resentful girl wrote in about bankrolling everything for her non-working boyfriend, this is the answer she got from Beck.

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I identified as a feminist long before I opened my first copy of Vogue. But having tangible examples of what women can accomplish in publishing and journalism helped move my convictions out of the abstract and into the everyday.
cat calls
I thought about something my dad told me awhile ago: “When someone violates your boundaries, they forfeit their right to politeness. You get to set the tone.”
As a teenager, my Sassy subscription was my $2 therapy in print.
teen beat
My first job out of college was at Teen Beat magazine (remember it? with the cheesy pullout posters?). It was interesting! Here's what I learned.
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When I was 24 years old, Sassy magazine published my “It Happened to Me” about me and my mother’s Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Mom’s injury was relatively recent and I truly believed that we all would learn from it.
Good sport Mayim not only reminisced about her stint as a Sassy cover girl, she even donned the notorious American flag. Photographed by Stella Berkofsky and Styled by Jason Sciara.
blake nelson
Talking YA lit, Blake's new book "Dream School" and how he had crushes on all the Sassy staffers.
Yes, it's still a pillowcase. But a cute one!

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bad behavior
But I feel really bad about it and I promise never to do it again.

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jane needs help
Take what you want from my storage space, including a…

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This was the very first post I ever wrote [back on November 4, 2009], so please be kind.

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