The metal-loving author of a new book explains how the media -- and many parents -- have gotten it wrong when it comes to 'dark' teen dabblings like gaming, Slayer, and Satanism.
ihtm contest
The name of my sleepy little hometown is now a synonym for impossible, unimaginable massacre.
mental illness
When a story about family violence makes the news, I’m really not interested in how the victim could have behaved better. Maybe because I used to have a spouse with a mental illness who I feared would kill me.
Scouring the comment sections on certain sites left me shaking. Eli, who wouldn't hurt a fly, could be walking into the lion's den at school.
Caitlin Doughty of "Ask a Mortician" says you should talk to your kids about death. And a pet psychic says my dead cat visits me.
assault weapons
My dad was a marine in a war that used assault weapons. An assault weapon is what tore his face apart and killed the rest of his squad in a matter of minutes. No civilian needs one.

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