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birth control
The EEOC says failing to provide contraceptive coverage in a prescription drug plan may constitute gender and pregnancy discrimination, thus potentially making it what some of us might call "illegal."
Can abortion cause emotional anguish? Absolutely. But is that the responsibility of the doctor performing the procedure?
One month ago, I was pregnant. One week ago, I became, very suddenly, not-pregnant.
disability rights
"Then I was sedated and when I woke up, she was gone. She was taken away from me."
The Mississippi appendectomy lives on, although usually it occurs in concert with a C-section, when it’s relatively easy to access the fallopian tubes for a quick sterilization procedure while the patient is unconscious or sedated.
PLUS! A brief and incomplete history of abortion in ancient times, because that's how I roll. With history.
body politics
As I go under, I will be thinking about the thousands of people who did not undergo this procedure voluntarily, about the thousands in the future who will be forced, deceived, or compelled into sterilisation.
As it stands now, over half of California counties do not have accessible abortion providers, and people may need to travel four hours or more to access care.
I’m a disabled person, and I actually wholly support prenatal screening and full access to prenatal care, because I think it can result in healthier pregnancies and better outcomes for both pregnant people and infants.