sexual harrassment
The hard truth is that the threat of sexual harassment is everywhere.
I wouldn’t trade that period in my life for anything, though. It was the worst time ever but I’m stronger having gone through it. The day I stopped believing was 12 days before I tried to kill myself.
I met a man I loved -– his name is Ben and he happens to be a Modern Orthodox Jew.
Who wants to talk about abortion at a wedding? Just about everyone at this wedding.
slut shaming
One day, about a year-and-a-half after I had started working for my boss, he called my father at work and asked to come in for a meeting, one Christian man to another.
I’ve come up with a few tips for people who, like me, are religious/spiritual and would prefer to not make their non-religious/spiritual friends, family, and neighbors feel super awkward.
I knew I would lose most of my friends when I became an atheist, and it took me about three years to be able to publicly admit my new belief. I'm still nervous.
I kept waiting for my husband to take charge of the whole "raising the kids Jewish" thing. This was his realm, but it felt up to me.
Please don’t console me with sayings like “God has a plan for you” or “They went to be with Jesus” when something bad happens.
My favorite line of all: “In some way, suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning."
I was raised in a fundamentalist community that stood at the front of the battle lines of the ‘90s culture wars. Cameron’s description of matrimonial bliss is all too familiar.

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Why can’t I watch Teletubbies? BECAUSE JERRY FALWELL SAYS YOU CAN’T.
If people look at you and think, “Please don’t let her be on my plane,” you’re gonna have a bad time.
The religion is based on the erroneous notion of British Israelism (the idea that Anglo-Saxon people are descendants of biblical Israel -- an idea actual DNA does not support), and we follow a model of Christianity similar to what first-century Christianity might have been.

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I stood there, staring in wide-eyed, wailing horror as the vicar put his arms up and prayed over me, asking that God would be with me as I dealt with my mother’s terrible, terrible gayness.
Studies have shown that people who go to church are happier, healthier and more optimistic than ones who don't. I'm an atheist, but count me in.
It’s been four years since I left my family, my friends, my community the only world I had ever known the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC).
I am an incandescent dot of the brightest cerulean blue in the middle of a blood-red state.

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beckie francis
I always felt lame for being lazy and unathletic. Now I'm just grateful I got to avoid college sports coaches like this apparent nutjob Beckie Francis.
I know not all cults are as extreme as those examples and some groups are mostly harmless but the idea of group thought in general is still frightening to me.