While Dan’s methodologies are definitely unorthodox, he’s basically made the streets of New York his own personal dating site and it’s working.
broken bones
sex toys
Really I don’t know what’s more embarrassing -- giving my vibrator to the laundry man, or the fact that it only took me four minutes to realize it was gone.
Going for a walk with my mom is not a chore or an obligation; it’s a choice. I can take in the trees, the water, the pavement and the empty space. I can turn to my mom and share that with her.
It’s 2014, after all. Men don’t just cheat on you and watch too much porn anymore.
living abroad
Whether you’re going to be isolated in the rainforest or partying it up in a metropolitan hub, parts of your life will be dramatically affected. For better or for worse.
drug abuse
No one thought we should be together, but what else did I have going for me but him?
Am I playing games or just trying to protect myself? Probably a little of both.
the frisky
I’m cognizant of the fact that Kale’s nine-month stint of unemployment never made us poor — just temporarily broke.
unpopular opinion
Here’s the thing about comedy; It’s just trying too hard. Instead of making me laugh, it makes me uncomfortable. I feel sorry for the people who are working so hard to get a positive response from me the audience. I’m embarrassed for them.
you are the advice columnist
She always has a way of turning it around and making it seem like I'm at fault for needing or desiring sex more often.
POPSUGAR editors describe the ups and downs of being 20-something.
Exchange playlists of your favorite songs from high school. Interpret it as a sign that they both include The Cranberries and Mazzy Star.
I wasn’t about to call him and tell him -- no one “calls” on the “telephone” anymore. So there was only one thing to do: block him on Facebook.
And as if that weren't awkward enough, I soon learned that I'd recently dated one of her best friends. Apparently the Jewish NYC dating scene is frighteningly insular.
you are the advice columnist
How do I become less passive aggressive and more constructive?
If I could go back in time before taking this job, I wish I knew what I was getting into.
Welcome to the nausea-inducing world of online dating at the same time your mother.
You can finally hear your own voice again. Plus you no longer have to constantly initiate sex, and hallelujah: no more obligatory birthday blowjobs.
Ah, the glory of the insta-relationship -- we didn’t have to waste time with trivial things like getting to know each other or falling in love.