It took spending almost $60,000 and being forced to come to terms with one of the hardest truths I've ever had to face, but I never had to go to rehab again.
drug abuse
No one thought we should be together, but what else did I have going for me but him?
Today, Narconon has gone under extensive investigation, with many sites closing down. NBC’s Rock Center even did a special on it after two patients were mistreated and died.
So what good came of all these two months? For me, not a whole lot.
Rehab counselors warned us not to stay friends with each other after treatment since most us wouldn’t stay sober, but I felt like Gerry and I would somehow make our post-rehab friendship work, despite the fact that he would always be a hardcore criminal.
This post may or may not include opiates, a butthole, and a butter knife.
Underweight and underslept seemed good on catwalks but it was not nice, it was not glamorous and it did not make me feel good.
This is only a little bit about Cat.
Cleaning toilets and hanging with convicts is the best way to sober up for good.

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eating disorders
I celebrated my 19th birthday at Rosewood, and when they brought out cupcakes for the evening’s celebratory “Dessert Challenge” (the challenge was to finish the dessert), one girl burst into tears.
Burning this candle that smells like that nice place I once went to in the country that time will solve ALL of my problems. DUH!
NOT drugs and alcohol.

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