I stayed up all night screen-grabbing tweets that joked about raping and urinating on a girl they thought might be dead. Welcome to Steubenville.
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A Senior High teacher convicted of raping a 14-year-old student who later committed suicide was sentenced to spend just 30 days in jail, partly because the victim seemed "older than her chronological age."

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It was suggested to me that I didn't have to wait for others to agree with me that what had happened to me was wrong -- that I could do something about it myself, if I really wanted.

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If you’re not threatened with rape, you’re told you’re not qualified, you’re not good enough, you’re not welcome here.
I’m trying to figure out why I’ve been alone this long, because I’m kind of sick of it. (And everyone at xoJane is sick of hearing about it.)
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The reason the Internet is exploding over #legitimaterape right now is because every woman knows deep in her heart this feeling of shame I am writing about.
Pensacola Christian College markets itself as “one of the friendliest college campuses in America." In reality, it is one of the most dangerous places for abuse victims.
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But what if what happens after the rape, the offenses that are committed by the people that are supposed to protect you, what do you do if they are worse than the rape?
A nice cheerful post for a Thursday morning!

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Watching the horrifying scene was painful, but I felt confident that it would spark some sort of online discussion about rape. It did -- but not the one I was expecting.
A Reddit user helpfully described his history of serial rapes in detail, and commenters rose to the occasion with stories of their own.
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I have compassion now for the brown-haired girl who spent that night going from frying pan to fire to bigger fire.
Today everyone in classes chatted about how fun SXSW was, while I sat awkward and silent.

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For the first time, people seem to be really listening to the horrible truth about rape and the American school system, so maybe it’s time for the world to hear a truth that’s been weighing on me for quite some time.

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The more comments I read on "IHTM: I Was Raped By My Tattoo Artist," the more I knew it needed to be said: If you've been raped, you don't owe anybody else shit.
Making the point that people with jobs in journalism have no business speculating about the truthfulness of rape allegations is well worth losing some steady work over.
One writer's done a disconcerting line-by-line analysis of Robin Thicke's lyrics alongside images of rape victims holding up signs of things their attackers said during their assaults.
When this man sliced through the mosquito netting around our bed, he presumably hoped to kill my boyfriend before coming after me.
Everybody's favorite TV shrink sparked a mini-uproar after asking his Twitter followers whether it's OK to have sex with a drunk girl (collective answer: NO).
Advertisers are starting to pull out. The campaign is working. Here's why I started it.

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And other truths one Real Housewife overlooked in her new train-wreck of an advice book.