My own attempts to challenge sexism within the sport have often been met with hostility. TRIGGER WARNING: descriptions of domestic and sexual assault.
The #TimeToAct campaign got me thinking about red lines - about what we think is acceptable, and what isn’t acceptable, in war.

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I deal with the blame and shame on a daily basis. I wake up with it and go to sleep with it.

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Dismantling rape culture means holding people responsible for their actions -- even people you love.
My rapist won’t be charged. It’s not the kind of rape that they like to charge.
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I am withholding my donation until Yale ends rape culture on campus and provides safety for women.
campus rape
Rape is a serious problem on college campuses, but policy-making alone -- even on the state level -- isn't a solution.
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If I point out that 40 percent of mass shootings begin with incidents of domestic violence -- will it matter?
Understandably, those who have experienced the dark side of sex can sometimes forget that sex does have the potential to be incredibly joyful and pleasurable.
Schools move to protect themselves instead of to alter themselves.
When I tell my rape story, I always leave out the part about letting him come back. It confuses the narrative.
It's not rape victims who should be living in shame: it's their rapists, and the campus administrators who enable them.
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If you’re not threatened with rape, you’re told you’re not qualified, you’re not good enough, you’re not welcome here.
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Watching the horrifying scene was painful, but I felt confident that it would spark some sort of online discussion about rape. It did -- but not the one I was expecting.
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In (dis)honour of Nabokov’s narrator, I’ve dubbed it “Humbert culture” -- society’s steadfast commitment to sexualizing young girls and protecting men who prey on them.
Pensacola Christian College markets itself as “one of the friendliest college campuses in America." In reality, it is one of the most dangerous places for abuse victims.
Rape has never been about seduction. It has always been and will always be about power.
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Rape culture is not a bogeyman that causes rape, but a lens for looking at myths about rape.
If you've been following the furore over "Divergent" this weekend, you probably know the scene I'm talking about.

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Laws like Hawaii's "police exemption" are yet another example of state-sponsored rape, denying sex workers the right to autonomy over their bodies in the course of their work.