I'm a grown ass adult who shouldn't talk like a trashy teen skater who just ollied out of a rural Dairy Mart.
Here's how to age and chop up all your T-shirts, making them look "vintage" in a snap!
are people really objecting on these terms whut?
You cannot freeze a band in amber. Well, you could try. But they’d probably be very sticky and not make many more albums. Because it’s hard to make an album when you are frozen in tree sap.
punk rock
The DRAMA! The DARKNESS! The PERFECTION! Let's get our Siouxsie Sioux on.
andrew w.k.
Heavy metal rocker and motivational speaker (and my musical hero) Andrew W.K. talks about why he kicked himself in the face in pursuit of partying, why he chooses to perceive time as nonlinear, and gushes about how every day he spends with his wife is amazing. Awwww.
bad girls
Glenn Danzig brought his time machine to a theater near me. Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?