I can’t undo an experience that left an indelible mark on my racial psyche.

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how not to be a dick
Here's a tip. If the job "really isn't that much," then why don't you just do it yourself?
I am calling for an end to the kind of belittling situationally-poor people are subject to, because the struggle -- even though it doesn’t begin at birth -- is very real and trivializing it only serves to pull down a sinking person further.
She was precocious, sassy, funny. Now, seven years later, she was calling me from jail.

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About that family that got kicked off a plane due to a toddler tantrum...
If you’re like most of the smart, kind, politically invested white people I know, you’ve been watching recent events via the Internet and the news and thinking, “I am very informed on these circumstances right now, but I don’t know what I can DO.”

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summer camp
I had never met children who came from wealth and privilege so immense, and suddenly I was in charge of making sure they brushed their teeth and got to bed on time.
the frisky
I’m sorry, but I can’t get on board with creating a supposed challenge like “affluenza” to excuse children from their wrong-doings.
occupy wall street
I was expecting to feel energized, motivated, powerful. Instead I felt humbled by the realization that I wouldn't do what these people do.