getting pregnant with michelle tea
The thing about people guessing what you’re having, or being really, really certain about what you're having, is they have a 50/50 chance. Odds aren’t bad.
I was scared and alone. After he put the needle in, I started crying.
drunk talk
Being in love is great. Trying to force the person you love to have a baby with you (right now) is not.
These lazy weekend lie-ins will soon be a thing of the past, so enjoy them while you can.
Heroin in our house, in front of our child, while I was growing a baby inside me was worse than any of the fears I’d conjured for myself over the years.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
It is my suspicion that every little weird glitchy thing happening to my body is somehow related to being pregnant, and I don’t seem to be incorrect.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
I brought both pee sticks back into the bed with me. Was that gross? I’d just peed on them.
My husband and I had achieved everything we had ever wanted. That is, until we tried to have a baby.

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Oh man, you have no idea how disappointed we are to have a completely healthy baby girl. Girls are so useless.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
Don’t get your hopes up. The higher they go, the harder they fall.
real women
I'd like to see the word "real" abolished from conversations about human beings.

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getting pregnant with michelle tea
Did you know having a weakened immune system makes you more susceptible to getting pregnant?
I hope that the “No Baby Shower” will raise awareness that one in eight people struggle with fertility issues.
If you’ve never been pregnant or you’re not a woman, you might not be aware of the pressure that is placed upon women to breastfeed.
I was so, so sad, but felt like I had no right to be. I had read so many stories about miscarriages in the second trimester, my grief didn't feel valid in comparison.