you are the advice columnist
He frames every poster, even the ones with promotional writing on them or really beat-up ones just because they have The Joker on them.
In many ways, our best friends are our first loves, so here are some of my favorite platonic love stories.
Let’s begin with a pro negotiation tip. Excellent!
The fact that this is a movie about baseball should have meant I had no interest in it. But this is also a story that tries to capture a cultural watershed moment in history.
jem and the holograms
The mismatch between "Dallas Buyers Club" and not just reality but the pulse of pop culture when it comes to the depiction of trans women is a marker of how far we've come in terms of the depiction and handling of trans women.
Why is a celebrity's path toward serious health problems or death something to take macabre delight in, while a woman discussing the ordinary and often very mundane facts of death is someone to shut down?
To suggest that even the mom cave is a place where women are essentially expected to do what they do all the time already is...rather odd.
Witches are having a pop culture moment, says everyone in the universe.
I now totally understand why my own Mom calls Downton Abbey “The Downtown Mansion.”
the jane dough
Most children prefer the spunkier twins because they tend to be more fun than the boring, uptight ones. My preferences for Ashley, Tia, Cody, and Annie became really intense because I was on a mission to prove everyone wrong, that the good twins were the best.
So, “Glee” did a school shooting episode. My first reaction was “Of course it did.”
pop culture
A question I get asked a lot as someone who talks about pop culture from the perspective of a critic who roots my work in social issues, namely: does pop culture (and television in particular) have a responsibility to educate the audience?
sexual assault
If I never see the words "seduced," "had sex with," "affair," "forced her to have sex," and so on in a headline about a rape case again, it will be too soon.
pop culture
“The Simpsons” has had staying power – 500 episodes worth of it – more than almost any other television show. And that says something both about “The Simpsons” and the people who are watching it.
There’s a lot of violence against women in the show, and it’s specifically violence against helpless, hapless women who need to be rescued by the nice police officers. I get quite enough of that sort of thing in my pop culture, thank you.
british tv
Keep your So-Called Life. The character I most identified with as a teen was unrealistic, dead, and thoroughly awful.