mike brown
I am tired of driving by makeshift memorials on street corners or Facebook pages or Twitter feeds.
I realize then that I am addicted to my smartphone. I am embarrassed about myself and my pathetic need for constant entertainment. If all of our phones and internet and computers just disappeared one day, how would we cope?

Dec 27, 2013 at 5:00pm | 96 comments

When I was raped by a member of a popular fraternity 14 years ago, the sorority sisters I told were upset with me for reporting it because they were concerned about the potential backlash. Imagine if he'd been on the football team.
rape culture
Like a shocking number of rape victims in the United States and around the world, she was intimidated into silence, and she chose to recant her accusation rather than follow through in response to the immense pressure on her to take it back.
sexual assault
If you're wondering why survivors of sexual assault don't want to report it, this is why.