The reality of the internet is that people are going to steal your photos to jizz all over them.
Most of the time, I post a selfie because I think I look pretty -- today/in this light/in this lipstick/in this outfit.

Mar 5, 2013 at 4:05pm | 218 comments

Perhaps it’s 2012 fatigue (I’m so over this year and all its accompanying madness), but I couldn't muster the will to be outraged about Instagram's proposed (then scrapped) policy change. Believe me I tried.
id photos
“Wow,” he said to me, when the pics had been snapped and printed and paid for, “you look terrible.”
Blaming women for taking private, nude photos of themselves is tantamount to blaming them for being nude in the privacy of their own showers, what with the potential for window treatments to billow in the wind, or the possibility of a fire breaking out.
Here are some things I have posted on Instagram so far: the recovery literature stacked up on my nightstand, my daily gratitude list, my bookshelf covered in stuffed animals. I mean, YAWN.