Maybe it’s a stage. And maybe it’s not. But either way, I don’t want him to ever feel like he wasn’t able to express himself because his parents didn’t support him.

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In my 20s, I had an abortion in a Massachusetts clinic before the protection law was in place. It was like going to the doctor in a war zone.
sex talk
You can’t control the universe and hide erotic stuff from your child, but you can talk to her about sex when she’s little.
I am not a mom, but I study them -- and the difficult work they do -- for about eight hours a day.
A boy said, "No girls allowed. Boys game only.” She looked back at me, smirked and stayed in line.
As a non-binary person, as someone who indentifies as neither a man or woman, neither "Dad" or "Mom," what parental name is there for me?
Hating on kids and the women who choose to have them doesn’t make you a good feminist. It doesn’t make you environmentally conscious. Hating kids legitimately makes you a bad person.

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It's been fifteen years since I've lived in a place with more than one bathroom, and I am so over it.
I simply explained to Noah that if given the opportunity to choose, the dairy cows and chickens would pick life over death and freedom over cages.
I have no defense except to say that I was really curious to know if my daughter had what it took to make it into a Target circular.

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Chances are, straight parents, one day, your kids will ask you about gay people.

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Oh man, you have no idea how disappointed we are to have a completely healthy baby girl. Girls are so useless.
mother's day
My child is completely dependent on me for her safety and care, and it's terrifying to love someone so defenseless.
I won't have a period party or buy cheesy books full of metaphors about "roses blooming."
If parents act maturely and responsibly, emotional trauma doesn’t even need to enter into the equation.
I fully support men being actively engaged in their children’s lives and education. However, after working with families in poverty for years, I know that making broad assumptions that “one size fits all” is just not realistic.
I can provide alternatives to the Avril Lavignes and Gwen Stefanis of the world, but then my kids walk out the door without me.
I have nine sons and seven daughters, and I do not intend to stop.
Watching smart television turn into insane nonsense, it’s as if the networks don't know what children are actually like.
At 45, there are some things I can’t do anymore, but my modified workouts make me feel freaking fantastic.
My hope is that one day my daughter will understand her innate value as a woman loved by God