That feeling of exalting in tininess -- no matter how perilous to health it could be -- is as familiar to me as it is horrifying.
Children can withstand imperfection.
parenting challenges
As a parent, how do you stand idly by as your child falters, when all you want to do is set them up for success? How (when, where?) do you draw the line?
gender gap
It seems ludicrous to talk about running a household like a Fortune 500 company, but there it is: what happens in a childhood home has a profound lifetime impact on a kid.
Hey, we made bad words that feel good to say. If even adults can't refrain from saying them, how can we expect children to? They are nothing if not line-crossers.
I never thought I would succumb to the motherhood comparison game. But in the end, I was wrong. I did judge myself harshly. But it wasn’t against other moms. It was against my own husband.
Those quiet three-year-old girls playing nicely with their blocks? They're going to be horrible to their moms in about 10 years.