My parents absolutely policed what I read, but weirdly their barometer of what was appropriate had more to do with quality than it did with content.
bad metaphors for masturbation
Admitting to reading romance novels is almost always accompanied by a certain embarrassed self-denigration or rationalization. But why?
romance novels
According to Wikipedia, the books I like are specifically "Regency Historical Romances," which prioritize explicit sex scenes over historical accuracy. Hell, yeah.
It's hot, it's muggy as all hell, and I just want to read something smutty and fun.
From what I can see, the iteration of new adult that St. Martin’s Press appears to be pushing in its attempt to turn new adult into a thing is not going to sell well, because it’s not what people really want.
Like so many other things that are quickly becoming outdated, obituaries are a useful form of communication that is lacking a user base.