It's a definite sign of getting older when your brand loyalty changes.
land line
When was the last time you had a perfectly clear conversation without interruption of either garbled speech or a dropped signal?
black lipstick
Even though I was sneaking out to meet boys, drinking and smoking pot, the thing I was always getting in trouble for was wearing black lipstick.
home alone
My parentals went to Hawaii on vacation and left me, their allegedly responsible 30-year-old daughter in charge of their fancy house. I made Kevin McAllister my bitch.

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high school
"I will be rich" and other declarative statements from my senior year.
And I even have my own Barbie! Sort of.
Will the public pool be as awesome as I remember?

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The weirdest thing about reading these books as an adult is that I am acutely aware they are written by middle-aged men, one of whom I would like to have a drink with at a bar and one who I would not.