What's that? You want my reviews of movies and TV shows I've discovered on Netflix and found out I'm glad I watched? And you want to give me YOUR recs? Yay!

May 20, 2013 at 4:30pm | 344 comments

Luckily, you have me to weed through the bullshit and find all the precious fat-positive entertainment jewels available for your streaming pleasure, because they DO EXIST.

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house of cards
SPOILERS AHEAD. Do NOT click if you haven't binge watched House of Cards Season 2. Also, are we concerned about binge watching as a new pastime? Also: Spoilers.
beth ditto
Ponies, prairies, picture-drawing and more happymaking things.
Healthy hair, cheap cute shoes, guilty-pleasure TV and scary stories. All in ONE POST.

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Just one chapter, just one episode, just to help me wake up. Maybe just one more.

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For a series set in prison, it is probably the best show about beauty and makeup I have ever seen.
costume drama
Wedge Antilles and Agent Scully in a soap opera about legal disputes! WAIT COME BACK IT'S BETTER THAN I JUST MADE IT SOUND!
Oh, and your insanely expensive cable bill? You can blame that on ESPN.
When I took the Facebook quiz, "How Many AFIs Top 100 Movies Have You Seen?", I was prepared to feel very guilty. (That one's free, White People Problems.)

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