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Though not necessarily your favorites, you'll scream in someone's face if they tell you they haven't seen these films.
My absolute No. 1 favorite let's get down to it pop culture question? #top5movies, baby. Here's the xoJane staff's lists so you can see into our very SOULS.
I don’t know why, but something about bad behavior in a movie theater turns me into Michael Douglas in “Falling Down.”
In honor of the missed opportunity, here are a 10 of my favorite good-bad (as opposed to boring-bad) movies.
Remember when I suddenly realized "Dirty Dancing" is actually a movie about an illegal abortion? That was kind of a shock.

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fat acceptance
The following day he posted my address and the addresses and phone numbers of my husband’s business, my family members and all the interviewees in our film on a site called pastebin.
Reason #1: It is a movie whose plot hinges on the very real dangers of illegal abortion.
woody allen
There are new details emerging about Woody Allen's alleged abuse of his then-7-year-old daughter with Mia Farrow. It's disturbing, but will it make anyone stop seeing his movies?
secret dummy
Or all the things I’ve never read, watched, or understood, but apparently should have.

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being like heather duke
I can’t get into it; help a sister out? Also THERE WILL PROBABLY BE SPOILERS.
the jane dough
I’m on a mission to clear the name of some of my all-time favorite movies that have been deemed “chick-flicks” when they really, really aren’t.
I am the proud owner of a genuine, certified heart of stone.
I’m tired of not seeing faces like mine in my comics. I’m sick of the notion that a black female character is a rare treat, a special occasion.
Do you ever look back at your college years and wish you could just give yourself one piece of advice?
vc andrews
Luckily, you have me to weed through the bullshit and find all the precious fat-positive entertainment jewels available for your streaming pleasure, because they DO EXIST.

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I went into it knowing that I wasn’t going to see a faithful and perfect adaptation, and that this would be okay; I was curious to know if the spirit of the books was retained.
Sometimes the true story is even creepier than the movie.