Marijuana is legal, but the use of the substance by a parent while under the same roof as their child (sleeping or awake) is a slippery slope.
I opened the door to the garage. My son and I both saw him hanging there.
cannabis lube
I decided to get my snatch weeded, and place the burden of information on you.
lilith fair
Here’s what I remember: That after smoking the Silver Purple Haze I was hungry for a hotdog.
I’ve always had ridiculously extreme reactions to drugs and medication.
the good men project
For Grace, pot is about more than just chilling out and getting high. It represents the destruction of her family.
Even though I have been alcohol free for over 118 days and counting, I've continued to smoke pot in my free time as a way of coping with stress and anxiety.
You’ll need a chair and your floor and probably nothing else at all, including determination.

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Nobody bats an eye at the tongue-in-cheek “three-martini playdate,” but there is certainly plenty of side-eye to go around when discussing parenting and pot.
"Stoner" carries a connotation of bearded boy-men waxing shitty poetic about their HS crushes in whatever inane action-comedy TBS can afford to screen.
My spouse is still in his love affair with MJ. In all honesty, at times I feel like my love triangle has become one where my husband cheats on his sweet, loving weed with me, the tumultuous mistress.
I’ll never endorse the wake-and-bake approach to parenting, but I can’t see the difference between a glass or two of wine in the evening and a few hits of OG Kush off a clean bong.
I look peaceful in this photo, but I'm actually about to be lubricated in cannabis seed butter and entered violently at every orifice until I pass out.

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I don’t want my daughter to see me arrested, but I also don’t want her to know me as a zombie living in a haze of pain, or a blank opioid lump.

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Pot is so firmly entrenched in the culture here that it’s almost impossible to find someone who has lived here for any length of time and hasn’t grown, trimmed, dealt or been involved in some way with marijuana

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So far the only things I’ve done while high are clean my microwave, laugh a little harder, and get extremely sleepy.
You don't have to quit anything you don't want to quit! But I can help you with the pot thing.

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He just arrived and now there is pot smoke (I love that smell!) wafting from his…

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