beauty products
BB cream is one of those products - along with styling wax, face serums and powder - that I simply don’t ‘get’. And that’s ok, isn’t it?
cute nails
I don't know what I'm more excited about -- ditching my foundation for spring, or cramming more of these cookies into my pie-hole later.
beauty resolutions
It's a new year and my beauty goal is to be the baddest bitch around.
I'll never have enough beauty products! Here are a few that I'm craving RIGHT. THIS. SECOND.
Don't even think this is about "Twilight." I'm talking vintage, femme fatale, B-movie vampire diva!
Three of my current favorite black liners that will help you easily create a look melding moodiness and style.
cruelty-free beauty
I will never have hair as voluminous and curly as Marc Bolan's, but I can try.
drugstore beauty
Get Brigitte Bardot eyes for less than the price of a latte.
I'm in a REALLY foul mood and need to focus on happy things, like shampoo that reminds me of being a kid.
Slightly gaudy, vintage California style is influencing me for Spring and Summer.
The Anglo-French actress has been inspiring both my beauty and fashion choices lately.
This spring, I'm all about sickly sweet pastel shades for everyone!
drugstore beauty
Despite having access to pricy palettes, I still reach for this cheap-o Rimmel shadow quad day after day.
bath products
Instead of caring about actual flowers this Valentine's Day, I'm all about beauty products inspired by gorgeous, fragrant roses.
Despite the fact that this was inspired by Jil Sander's Fall/Winter show, I think it's an awesome look to try for Spring (or like, right now).
With just a few easy steps, your eyes can shine through your lenses instead of being swallowed up by your frames.
The awesome beauty products, new and old, that helped me survive the drudgeries of this weird-ass year.
Whether or not you have a New Year's kiss picked out, this guide will help you sort out your pale, chapped lips.