being alone
People with limited social contact in their lives were more likely to die earlier, providing a rather sound argument for better social services, outreach, and support for older adults.
Today, more people are living (and, hence, eating) alone than at any other time in history.
Everyone's idea about the number of friends you should have is "unrealistic" and realizing this is a "normal part of growing up" that unfortunately doesn't get a ton of airtime.

Nov 9, 2012 at 2:30pm | 81 comments

Does this mean we're raging, unrepentant social media addicts, or just really into sharing our lives' happiest moments? Probably both.
I'm sorry. I'm a wretched person. But: "mustard."
I wish there was another human being in bed with me, but I’ve found comfort in fancy-ass candles.
best friends
Nick and I put our shoes on in the foyer and I asked him if I could sleep over because the thought of sleeping next to him was nicer than sleeping alone.
social media
As we exploit visibility for success, our real friends rely on social media to see us.