christmas music
I've been known to shout "Nooooooooooo!" after starting a car and having the radio greet me with a late-'90s boy-band rendition of an age-old Christmas carol I didn't like in the first place.
You will not get through this list without getting pissed off at least once.

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As we've all been there once or twice or three times, can we at least laugh about it? Maybe a weird, sad laugh, like, "HA! Ha... haaaaaa."
But we're glad they're not because now there's a chance we'll have sex with them.
Although I have it on good authority that pies do not solve everything, I for one have a very seriously challenging time believing it.

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I'd stick to the pot-for-thinness diet myself, if I didn't becomes insanely concerned about the reality of my own death every time a pipe was in my general area.

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Big purses exist because we lead big lives, rife with potential for disaster. I want to face that life prepared.

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These items are all things I have used, loved and covet. Consider yourself enabled.
panic attacks
Panic attacks aren't fun. But they can be funny.

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flawless skin
Other items that perk me up include ice coffee the size of my head, and all of the cookies that there are.
getting organized
In which the following is discussed: murder, the mental anguish of my future children, AND CRISCO.

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It would have been 10 things, but I had rainbows to climb and fluffy clouds to frolic upon.
thought catalog
It’s a highly sensitive topic for us, and one that’s taking a lot of effort to work through.
movie posters
I wish I knew the thought process that went into these posters, but they’re a special kind of baffling.
I almost included your gyno appointment, but I feel like some dudes would be real into that.

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Blondes don’t lead naturally charmed lives. Oh sure, we got no ish standing over a subway grate and giggling as our skirts rise, but our souls are dark, our pasts tortured, and our ideologies seriously borked.
angry feminist
Do you support the idea of objectifying dudes to prove a point about the evils of objectification?
Books, boots, pretty things to look at -- my tastes are always so predictable.