These little guys are super adorable -- and ultra practical.
I found some new stuff to put on my lips that I’m pretty obsessed with.
men's fashion
It doesn’t have to just be your boyfriend or husband, it could be your brother, your best friend, even your dad. Hell, all guys could use a little cleaning up. Except me.
I’m not saying that I never use lipsticks without chemical additives, just like I’m not saying that I’ll never again have a crush on a man who’s completely wrong for me or go for broke with crazy flavored coffees again.
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Miley brought her A Game and I’m here to show you the easiest ways to steal it. Because, you know, we can’t stop, either.
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Or lip gloss, or mascara, or makeup brushes? When it comes to sharing beauty products, I want to know where you draw the line.
Whether or not you have a New Year's kiss picked out, this guide will help you sort out your pale, chapped lips.
If you're ever worried that your workplace is getting a little too productive, just pull out some Girl Scout Cookie Lip Smackers.
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Ooh, I’m so excited to open your submission emails already.
Plumper + shimmer + drugstore = not always a winning combination, but look how pretty this is! Plus: why my skin is glowy.